Friday, June 9, 2023


Gamma knife Radiosurgery For Pilocytic Astrocytoma WHO Grade-I

Case Summary:

This 06 year child  underwent endoscopic biopsy of SOL & insertion of VP shunt  in April 30,2022 , presented with history of headache & squint before surgery. The patient has no history of radiation & chemotherapy. On clinical examination patient has bilateral decreased vision. MRI brain with contrast dated May 26, 2022 shows abnormal signal intensity mass lesion seen in sellar & supra sellar region with hydrocephalus suggestive of neoplastic lesion. Histopathology dated May 11, 2022 shows pilocytic astrocytoma WHO-G-1. Risk of GKSRS have been explained. Written and valid consent obtained to proceed. They were agreed upon and they wish to proceed.

Follow up Comparative Study May 24,2023 shows almost complete resolution.