Saturday, March 16, 2024

 Gamma Knife Radiosurgery for Left Parietal Glioblastoma.

Case Summary:

73 years man, K/C of HTN underwent excision of SOL  in 07 October 2022, presented with complaints of weakness in right limb for 4 months. Patient has no history of chemotherapy and radiation.  On clinical examination old age man is sitting comfortably has 4/5 power on left limbs. MRI brain with contrast dated October 07, 2022 shows ill defined abnormal signal intensity mass is noted in left parietal lobe medially along the para falcine region with intense peripheral post contrast enhancement suggestive of glioma. Histopathology dated October 16, 2022 shows IDH wild type glioblastoma, WHO Grade 4. Risks of GKSRS have been explained. Written and valid consent obtained to proceed.

Follow up Comparative Study 31-04-2023:

Patient consulted the gamma knife center for first routine follow up presented with recent MRI brain with contrast dated March 31, 2023 shows central necrotic changes with peri lesional T2 hyper intensities when compared with previous MRI brain with contrast dated November 01, 2022 consistent with good lesion control.