Friday, March 29, 2024


Gamma Knife Radiosurgery for Craniopharyngioma.

Case Summary:

9 years old boy from Karachi, underwent insertion of VP shunt in May 27, 2023 & revision of shunt in June 09, 2023  presented with history of headache with vomiting . Patient has no history of radiation & chemotherapy. On clinical examination patient has no obvious deficit. CT brain with contrast dated June 06, 2023 shows lobulated solid / cystic hypo dense mass seen in supra sellar / sellar region causing significant compression over 3rd ventricle resulting dilatation of left lateral ventricle with CSF seepage suggestive of Craniopharyngioma. Risks of GKSRS have been explained. Written and valid consent obtained to proceed.

Follow up Comparative Study March 28,2024:

Patient consulted the gamma knife center for the first routine follow up presented with recent MRI Brain with contrast dated december 06,2023 shows significant reduction in the targeted lesion from 20.20cc to 8.033cc when compared with previous MRI Brain with contrast datedJune 06, 2023  ,consistent with good ongoing control of lesion.