Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pineal Region Tumor, resolution with excellent clinical improvement,F.up at 6m and one year.

This is a young man of 26 years who came to us from Afghanistan with c/o headache vomiting and blurred vision.

MR imaging showed an enhancing mass in the pineal region and obstructive hydrocephalus.MR Specrtroscopy revealed alow NAA and high choline.
V.P shunt was placed and he was treated with Gamma Knife.It was a single day treatment as usual and patient was discharged next day.
At 6 months he is back to his normal life style and the Follow up MRI shows 90% resolution of the said tumor.

90% resolution at 6 month Follow up.

At 6 months

Further Resolution at one year F.up.

One year

One year