Thursday, August 18, 2011

Craniopharyngioma, complete resolution at one year follow up.

This 32 years old male is a diagnosed case of Craniopharyngioma with the diminished vision more on left side, headache and  a single episode of generalized fit since 2 and half years. Under went right frontal craniotomy on 2nd July 2007. MRI scan and CT scans showed residual/recurrent Craniopharyngioma. Patient was treated with 12 GY at 50% isodose line,  for the target volume 7.1 cc, multiple isocenters with 4 and 8mm collimators were used in APS mode.
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F.up images after one year showing complete resolution of 
craniopharyngioma, clinically patient has normal vision and has no defecits.
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