Sunday, March 24, 2024


Gamma Knife Radiosurgery for Left Temporo Parietal Low Grade Glioma:

Case Summary:

43 years lady from Haripur Hazara, presented with complaints of impairment of memory for few years & fits for 2 weeks. Patient has no history of surgery, radiation & chemotherapy. On clinical examination middle age lady  has slightly affected working memory. MRI brain with contrast dated November 23, 2022 shows non enhancing abnormal signal intensity mass lesion seen in left temporal lobe insular cortex, inferior frontal lobe & part of parietal lobe suggestive of low grade glioma. MRS shows elevated choline with reduced NAA & Cr peak suggestive of neoplastic lesion. Risks of GKSRS have been explained. Written and valid consent obtained to proceed.

Follow up Comparative Study July 11,2023:

Patient visited the gamma knife center for the first follow up presented with recent MRI brain with contrast dated June 19,2023 shows interval decrease of the targeted lesion in T2 hyper intensity signal when compared with previous MRI brain with contrast dated November 23,2022 , consistent with good ongoing control of tumor.