Saturday, June 17, 2023

Gamma Knife Radiosurgery For Recurrent Nasal Angiofibroma With Intracranial Extension.

 Case Summary:

This 17 year young male , underwent craniotomy in March, 2022 , presented with complaints of blindness from right eye for 4 years & bleeding from right side of the nose for 1 week. Patient has no history of radiation & chemotherapy. MRI brain with contrast dated May 27, 2022 shows interval progression of previously noted disease process when compare with previous scan. Risks of GKSRS have been explained. Written and valid consent obtained to proceed. They were agreed upon and they wish to proceed.

Follow up Comparative Study March 03,2023:

Recent MRI Brain with contrast dated March 27,2023 shows significant regression in the size of targeted lesion when compared with previous MRI Brain with contrast dated May 27,2022, consistent with good ongoing control of tumor.

                                             One Year Later.